Sub Teams



Mentors: Steven Cohen, David Bridge, Chris Carnevale, Ulf Jonsson, Vincent Attianese, Greg Harrell, Raffi Mangoyan.

Student Leader: Eric Kruzyk

What they do: Mechanical team manufactures the structure and parts of the robot to use for assembly of the final product. They use a variety of tools ranging from hand tools to heavy machinery, they construct the physical aspects of the robot. They normally work hand in hand with the CADD and Controls team to make sure that the robot will function properly.



Mentors: Kevin Ryan, Mark Bushman

Student Leader: Trevor McCarthy

What they do: Controls is in charge of building pneumatic and electrical systems for the robot. They also handle the prototyping and physical wiring of the multiple systems. Along with that, they program the autonomous mode essential for the competition.



Mentor: Jacob Troiano

Student Leader: Samay Govani

What they do: The CADD team works on creating digital designs of the robot for the mechanical team to make. They use programs such as Solidworks to make models which can be used to be 3-D printed, which can be also be created by using the plasma cutter, mill, or the lathe.


Marketing and Business Administration

Mentors: Jennifer Dzen, Susan Bushman, Merle Cohen

Student Leader: May Harding

What they do: The Marketing and Buisness Administration team focuses on establishing and maintaining relationships with sponsors. They also participate in community outreach events such as the blood drive, and Women in STEM Day. MBA members document the team’s progress with pictures and video, maintain the team website and social media, and collect match data while scouting at competitions.