Our mission

Team photo The mission of the Bobcat Robotics team is to inspire tomorrow's STEM leaders and engage them in activities that build leadership, self-confidence, and effective communication skills by spreading the message of FIRST through community involvement, competitive spirit, and Gracious Professionalism. Success for us has been and always will be seeing progression in our students’ knowledge, problem solving, and analytical skills inside and outside of the classroom. Evidence of this is shown through our students’ ability to apply themselves in their school work and their future careers. Having a strong financial plan ensures the stability of the team and enables us to meet our lofty goals, including giving every student the opportunity to attend the FIRST Championship event. Participation in the highly recognized and remarkably diverse competition allows our students to get the full experience FIRST has to offer. The students are inspired by seeing firsthand the success that our mentors and alumni have achieved in their fields of work, as well as the students’ own successes, which they realize while participating on the team.

In Our Community

Children This team focuses not only on our team members, but on enriching the entire community. Here, we both hold and sponsor various events which spread emphasis on the STEM world. Often, it can be as simple as hosting a Cub Scout Demo, in which we demonstrate our robot and its capabilities to the children, giving them a sample of what they could be doing in the future if they go into the robotics program in the future. We also sponsor Women in STEM events, which for two years now we have held female-only in-school field trips where we have guest speakers who work in the Medical, Engineering, Environmental, and Finance careers. Another Women in STEM event included bringing female students to the FIRST headquarters. In our town, we participated in the Best of South Windsor Expo to expose local businesses and corporations our missions and goals while demonstrating our robot. In our community, we strive to share our educational experience with all who would like to share in it.

On Our Team

Sub-team Each sub-team has its own responsibilities but share the same goals in learning. Everyone is on a team, and have to work together to complete objectives, building teamwork. Many objectives require intensive critical thinking, such as designing the robot. Each decision is put under the microscope and objectively measured. Not only are creative designs necessary, but choosing between the designs is equally as difficult. Different problem-solving methods must be used. Often data is compared through different means, such as weighted data tables or other custom programs that the students create. Ideas are discovered through intense thought-provoking discussions on strategies and priorities. Students take these skills into their lives, where they can implement them in their school work, in their future college education, and in throughout the career path they follow. On our team, we provide present and future skills for all of our students.